Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire

From the results of a recent patient survey, the majority of respondents were aged 55+ years, and/or males and neither had children under 16 nor were they carers for anyone else.

From the customers who responded, the summarised results are as follows:

Q1) 66% patients had received a prescription for themselves or someone else.

Q2) 88.5% were very satisfied with the service they had received.

Q3) a) 96% of customers would rate the delivery service as very good;  b)73% felt the time taken for receiving there medicines was 'very good'; c) 81% felt the items they needed were available; d) 81% felt the advice received was 'very good'; and e) 61% 'didn't know' if there was a private space available to speak, if needed (patients' only visit pharmacy for Enhanced or Advanced services).

Q4) 90% of customers felt the staff were 'very good' with regards to politeness and having the time to listen; 81% said 'very good' when asked how well the pharmacy team answered their queries; 96% felt the service received from the pharmacist was 'very good'; 88% felt the pharmacy was 'very good' with regards to efficiency, and overall 96% felt the pharmacy team was 'very good'.

Q5) a) providing advice on current or long term health problems, 83% said Pharmacy was 'very good'; b) 42% said the Pharmacy did 'very well' in giving general healthy living advice; c) 77% had 'never used' the medicines disposal service; 81% had never requested advice relating to a service elsewhere.

Q6)96% never required advice to stop smoking; 64% had received advice regarding healthy eating and 46% received advice relating to physical exercise.

Q7) 96% of customers choose Taits Pharmacy first

Q8)a)38.5% had received advice relating to their use of medicines or received the New Medicine Service.  b)over 80% felt the consultation area was clean and tidy, private and 75% felt it was accessible for them.  100% felt the advice given was useful.

Q9) 61% of patients would say the Taits Pharmacy was 'excellent' and 39% felt it was 'very good'.

Q10) 92% would recommend the pharmacy to others.

Many thanks to all the patients' who responded, we hope to use the responses to improve our services in the future.